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First English Lutheran Church of Sharpsburg

125 North Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Tel: 412-782-1623

Welcome Visitors!

We are glad you are considering worshiping with us. Here is what we hope you will find: We hope you will find a group of Christians that are humble and dedicated. We hope you will find a group of Christians that are full of grace and strive to be nurturing. We hope you will find a group of Christians who are willing to walk with you on your journey of faith. We hope you will find a group of Christians who are comfortable with questions and new ideas. We hope you will find a group of Christians who are not judging but are welcoming. These are the things we are striving to be. We know that some days we get it right and some days we come up short in our strivings.


What you will find in worship is a group of people committed to worshiping together and walking their journeys of faith together. Our worship service follows a traditional Lutheran liturgy with the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal and worship resources the majority of the time. We celebrate weekly the practice of confession and absolution, praise, singing, and prayer, experiencing God’s grace and nourishment so that we may go into the world as God’s people on mission each week.


Unfortunately, when you come to worship with us, you will be confronted with stairs. Please feel free to make your way through any door. The back door has the fewest stairs, 4, but you will be greeted at that door by the boiler. No sweat though, since friends are always welcome at the back door. If you are coming in the front door and desire to enter straight into the sanctuary, utilize the double doors at the highest altitude and then follow the steps once inside the building to access the sanctuary. All other doors will take you through the fellowship hall, where you may grab a cup of coffee on your way upstairs to the sanctuary. No matter the door you enter just keep following up the steps and you will arrive in our sanctuary. If you arrive early and are a fan of stained glass, you will have plenty of the art to immerse yourself in. Please note that in the summer months we often worship in the air conditioned fellowship hall, at which point you will want to utilize a single door. When looking at the front of the church, the right door, and also the back door, will be your easiest entry points.


Parking each Sunday can be found on street, in front of, beside, and behind the church. If you are traveling to us via car please be sure not to park directly behind the church in the parking lot of the Limousine service, as our neighbors here are engaged in an around-the-clock business and must have access to their facilities at all times. In short, be careful not to block any garage doors or parking lot entrances so that we may remain good neighbors.


We look forward to celebrating and worshiping with you!

First English sanctuary